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Main Member

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Additional Nominated Person

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Nominated Beneficiary in event of death

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Membership Rules/Terms and Conditions

    1. Membership is available to anyone 18 years of age or older.
    2. You cannot conduct any fraudulent or business activity, which will harm the Club, company or its member. In this case, the Company reserves the right to cancel the membership and all associated benefits with immediate effect.
    3. You are not allowed to have more than one Member account at any given time.
    4. An original death certificate of the deceased club member is necessary, when claiming the R5 000.00 cash benefit. The identity of the claimant needs to be verified, as per nominated beneficiary above. The decision of the directors of the club members is final and no further requests or communications will be allowed after their decision
    5. It is the onus of the member to inform the Club, of any changes of personal or beneficiary’s details.
    6. The six-monthly grocery voucher draw will be supervised by the club accountant. The winner will be notified, and the price will be awarded to the member on presentation of their proof of identity. The director’s decision in awarding this draw is final and no further communication will be allowed. This benefit is only payable to the club member and is not transferable.
    7. Club membership with all its accumulated benefits, will cease immediately after the member s death.
    8. These Club benefits are not transferrable in any way whatsoever
    9. If the debit order of the club member is returned by the bank, then all benefits will be suspended until the debit order is reinstated. If the debit is still not paid after 30 days, then the membership and associated benefits will be cancelled. The member will then have to re-apply for the club membership.
    10. The directors reserve the right to change the rules of the club at any time and without notice. Their decision will be final, and no further communication will be entered in to.
    11. Club fees are not refundable. This club is NOT a financial product.
    12. The long -term award scheme is only valid when all monthly membership fees of the club have been paid for 5 years without interruptions.
    13. Membership of this Club does not imply membership of the company that controls the club. The control, administration, funding, distribution of profits and all the normal running of a business remains 100% in the hand of shareholders of the company who control the Club. The Company that control the club is Banisanani Community Club (pty) ltd Reg no. 2018/053792/07
    14. In the event of you wanting to cancel your membership a 30-day notice period is required.
    15. The R2000 pay back award will be payable to the main member only after 5 years uninterrupted membership

We reserve our rights to use all data supplied or taken when claiming prizes for marketing purposes, or to publish your picture or details on Facebook or other media when claiming prizes from the club. All your rights are waived in this event and we will not be held responsible for any type of legal or material losses of any kind resulting from any type of media exposure.

DECLARATION: I have read and understood and accepted the rules of membership. As contained in this document